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Christmas Decoration Magic: A Festive Guide to Transforming Your Home

And just like that, Christmas is around the corner again. This magical time of the year holds a special place in our hearts for countless reasons. It's the season of twinkling lights and glittering decorations that rekindle the childlike wonder within us. But, the most beautiful part about the festive season is the gatherings. We take a break from our busy routines to gather with our loved ones to create new memories and traditions together. And, of course, these heartwarming gatherings offer another reason to deck your home with festive Christmas decorations! We've rounded up the best tips to help you create a warm and festive atmosphere in your home this holiday season. From the Christmas tree to the mantel place, we've got your entire holiday home transformation covered.

The Christmas Tree

A holiday-ready home remains incomplete without the presence of a Christmas tree. A real tree, with all its charming imperfections, brings a cosy, rustic vibe to your home. Plus, it fills your space with that wonderful holiday scent we all love. You'll also find a wide variety of faux tree options, including different styles, sizes, and colours, which can be easily customised to suit your holiday home. Take, for example, a frosted faux tree, we're big fans of how it adds depth and that comfy alpine atmosphere we all love. A pre-lit tree is also fantastic choice because it takes care of a crucial aspect of Christmas tree decorating – the lighting!

The Christmas tree naturally assumes the spotlight when it comes to Christmas decorations. No two Christmas trees need to look the same, and that's where the magic begins! Whether you're a fan of traditional, rustic, modern, your Christmas tree can be a reflection of your personal style and taste. We love adorning our Christmas tree with metallic ornaments, blending both matte and shiny finishes for a luxuriously layered look. You can add even more sparkle into your tree with gold garlands or tinsel. Gold reigns supreme among metallics for holiday decor, boasting boldness, beauty, and opulence. But for those inclined towards a cooler and more contemporary aesthetic, silver takes the spotlight. Even if your taste leans towards minimalism, there are numerous captivating ways to elevate your Christmas tree's charm. For starters you can stick to a simple array of twinkling string lights or decorate with beaded garland made from wood - serving a subtle nod to Scandi interior design!

No matter how limited the space in your home may be, there are always creative ways to integrate a Christmas tree. Consider the charm of petite trees nestled within pots or vases on a console table. Whether you live in a cosy space or simply wish to add a touch of festive spirit to a specific area,  petite trees and potted trees are the perfect solution!

If you're looking to be a little more adventurous with your Christmas tree ornaments we usually start with simple baubles which serve as an excellent starting point to build on, and are great breaks from more intricate ornaments. For a more polished appearance in your Christmas decor, opt for a specific colour scheme to anchor your design. Consider mixing ornaments within a chosen colour palette like red and gold, a classic for the festive season. Decorating your Christmas tree is an age-old tradition with no strict rules. If you have a sentimental ornament, include it into your Christmas tree! After all, this season is all about cherishing memories and upholding traditions.

Decorating the Mantelpiece and Fireplace

If your home boasts a fireplace, the mantelpiece serves as a prime location for holiday gatherings. As you set the stage for a captivating holiday mantel, be sure to hang stockings, arrange garlands, and position candles or other decorative items. Wood tree ornaments, in particular, stand out as favourites in Christmas mantel decorations as they seamlessly compliment every holiday palette, ensuring your celebrations remain stylish and timeless year after year. Don’t forget to incorporate personal elements such as family photographs, heirloom decorations, or handcrafted crafts to make your Christmas decoration uniquely yours.

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Our Travel Home - Pictured with our Wooden Trees

Drape your mantle with garlands cascading gracefully to fill the air with the delightful, natural scent of the season. And don’t forget about candles! They offer a warm, flickering glow, transforming your fireplace into a cosy haven of festive bliss.  Another tip? Choose silver or gold frames to add a touch of sophistication to your family keepsakes.


Festive wreaths are a Christmas decor essential! They add holiday spirit throughout your home. Begin by selecting wreaths that complement your overall holiday decor theme. You can opt for traditional evergreen wreaths, faux berry wreaths, or other natural materials like pinecones, twigs, or dried citrus slices. Larger wreaths often work well on front doors, while smaller ones are ideal for interior spaces like mantels, windows, and walls. That’s the best part about wreaths! They can find a home in almost any corner of your home. Christmas wreaths symbolise the warmth of welcome and the spirit of celebration throughout the holiday season. But their appeal doesn't stop there; they are also an excellent alternative to your regular artwork or home decor, surrounding your home with the magic of the holiday season and greenery.


There are a plethora of options for Christmas lighting, each with its unique charm and ambiance. String lights, candles, and decorative lighting all play vital roles in setting the stage for a festive atmosphere. String lights are the star when it comes to Christmas lighting! Whether draped on your Christmas tree, hung over the mantel, or woven through garlands, they can be used in a variety of different ways. Their soft, warm radiance brings comfort and joy, turning your home into a festive sanctuary. But of course, candles are a classic addition to your Christmas decoration. Candles cast a warm, golden glow perfect for this nostalgic time of year. Whether you opt for traditional candlesticks, votive candles in decorative holders, or scented candles, candlelight creates an intimate and cosy ambiance. 

Enhance your Christmas table setting with golden chargers, silver-rimmed plates, or brass napkin rings, taking it to a whole new level of style and charm! Curating the perfect lighting for your Christmas decor is about balancing tradition and innovation, simplicity and extravagance. Let your personal style shine through! 

Glass and Mirrors

Elevate your Christmas decor with the enchanting allure of glass and mirrors! Dive into a world of possibilities as you infuse your festive setting with the shimmering charm of glistening glass baubles, mirrored trays, and the brilliance of a reflective bar cart. Take your decor up a notch by adding an ornate mirror above the mantel for a delightful vintage touch. And for those who love to host during the holidays, why not consider a stylish mirrored bar cart? It adds a touch of grandeur and instantly becomes the focal point for serving up festive drinks to your guests. Mirrored trays are perfect for presenting your delightful holiday treats or serving up those Instagram-worthy festive cocktails!


Selecting the perfect scents for your festive home decor can elevate the holiday atmosphere in your home to new heights. Scented candles and oil diffusers featuring fragrances such as fir, cedarwood, and spiced citrus are perfect for Christmas. Cedarwood, celebrated for its earthy and woody notes, imparts a cosy and rustic ambiance reminiscent of winter evenings by the fireplace, transforming your home into a winter retreat. Spiced citrus, a delightful fusion of zesty and warming scents, combines citrus notes with spices like cinnamon and cloves, adding a fresh and exciting element to your holiday home. To add a visual layer to your festive aromas, include candlelight holders. Get creative! Whether you prefer the elegance of silver and gold or the rustic charm of wooden holders, you'll find that there is a candlelight holder for every unique and personal style. 

Festive Fabrics

Stay cosy by adding extra layers to your decor during the colder season. Incorporating various fabric materials is essential for creating a warmer and more comforting atmosphere in your living spaces. Luxurious velvet is the epitome of Christmas elegance. Incorporate velvet throw pillows, table runners, velvet baubles or stockings in rich holiday hues like deep red, emerald green, or royal blue. These plush accents not only add opulence but also provide a soft, inviting texture. Embrace the interior decorating trend of boucle to introduce an extra layer of cosy, rustic charm into your decor. Boucle throws, tree skirts, or stockings can add a rustic flair to your home, with options ranging from classic, timeless shades like white or taupe, or bolder, vibrant colours for a contemporary twist. Also, traditional textiles like wool blankets and quilts are perfect for creating a snug environment. Whether you place them over chairs, or sofas, or use them as tree skirts, these materials bring warmth and tradition to your decor. 


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