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Autumn Styling: 13 Home Decor Ideas for a Cosy Season

As autumn arrives, it brings with it a fresh array of sights, sounds, scents, flavours, and textures. Whether you're enjoying a stroll through a park painted in shades of yellow and crimson, savouring a pumpkin spice latte, or snuggling under a warm blanket, autumn holds a special place in our hearts. Just as nature undergoes its transformation, your home decor can evolve to embrace the cosy spirit of the season. Whether you're a fan of rustic charm, modern elegance, or something in between, we're sharing 13 ways to help you create a welcoming haven that captures the essence of autumn styling!

1. Autumn Colour Palette

Autumn's charm lies in its captivating colour palette, mirroring the splendid transformation of nature's foliage. By infusing your home with the deep reds, burnt oranges, golden yellows, and rustic browns, you are able to capture the essence of the season. An effortless way to embrace these new colours is by swapping out your home decor. Say goodbye to the vibrant hues of your summer throw pillows, rugs, vases, or floral arrangements, and welcome the earthy tones of autumn. This simple shift can instantly envelop your space in the cosy warmth that defines this wonderful season.

2. Textiles & Fabrics

As we transition from the sun-soaked days of summer to the cosy embrace of autumn styling, it's time for a tactile makeover in your home decor. Embrace the cooling temperatures by swapping out lightweight materials and welcoming the opulence of wool, fleece, and sumptuous velvet fabrics. To elevate the ambiance of your autumn living room, simply drape a knitted throw blanket over your sofa. This simple addition not only lends an inviting touch to your seating area but also ensures that you and your guests can enjoy warm, snug evenings. These textures effortlessly transform your space into a haven of comfort, perfectly tailored for the fall season. But if you're craving a touch of luxury, consider exploring jacquards and brocades. These timeless fall fabrics provide an elegant way to introduce captivating patterns while maintaining an artisanal charm.

3. Autumn Styling: Rugs

When it comes to choosing the perfect rug for autumn, you'll want to cosy up your space with wool and shag. These options are not only soft to the touch but also act as fantastic insulators during the cooler months. Vintage rugs also look incredible with their rich tones and intricate details! Now, let's talk about size. Picking the right rug dimensions is key. A larger rug can serve as the anchor, pulling the room together for that harmonious vibe. On the flip side, smaller rugs carve out distinct zones, adding character to your space. But wait, there's more to consider! The functionality of each room plays a vital role in your rug selection. In the living room, opt for a plush rug to amplify that warm and inviting atmosphere. In the dining area, durability and easy cleaning are your best friends. And in the bedroom, a soft rug by the bedside can make those early morning steps much cozier. Feeling a tad adventurous? Try layering different rugs for a unique twist. Combine a larger, neutral rug with a smaller, patterned, or textured one for a captivating look that's uniquely you.

4. Pattern Play

As the new season descends upon us, it's time to elevate your autumn styling with a fresh palette of patterns for your cushions. Plaid, in particular, is a timeless classic for autumn, constantly reinventing itself for a playful twist. Pair plaid cushions with block-printed ones, featuring delicate floral designs in soft, autumnal tones, or experiment with structured patterns like stripes. Don't forget to keep an eye out for cushions adorned with subtle embellishments like embroidered details or textured fabrics. These little touches add an inviting dimension to your soft furnishings, allowing you to craft dynamic combinations that capture the diverse motifs and hues of autumn.

autumn patterned cushions
Credits: Studio McGee

5. Greenery

As nature gracefully transitions into autumn, it becomes the perfect muse for your autumn styling. Infusing your space with flowers unique to autumn is a delightful way to harmonise your home decor with the changing scenery. Consider chrysanthemums, pansies, dahlias, hydrangeas, or any blooms that mirror the autumn colour palette. And don't forget the understated elegance of dried flowers. Their gentle hues and delicate textures evoke a sense of nostalgia, subtly reminding us of the passage of time and the beauty it brings. Introducing these natural textures and tones connects your living space with the ever-changing seasons and the world outside. For an even deeper connection, create charming centrepieces using decorative bowls filled with seasonal fruits such as apples and pears. Decorative fruits add vibrant pops of colour that echo the bountiful Autumn harvest.

6. Bedroom Refresh

As temperatures drop, let your bedroom become a warm and comforting sanctuary. Embrace autumn styling by layering your bed with coordinating duvets or quilts in rich, autumnal colours for extra warmth and cosiness on those cooler nights. Enhance your bedroom by adding plush throw pillows in earthy tones or jewel shades, creating a welcoming atmosphere. Don't forget to include soft, textured blankets, perfect for snuggling up with a book or a cup of hot chocolate. To complete the scene, introduce warm ambient lighting with soft, muted tones. Consider swapping out your regular bedside lamp or lightbulb for one with a soothing amber glow, perfect for unwinding in the evenings.

autumn bedroom
Credits: Collectiv Co
autumn bedroom
Credits: Wildflower Home
bedroom cushions
Credits: Studio McGee

7. Candles and Lighting: Crafting an Inviting Ambiance

As the days grow shorter and temperatures cool, autumn offers a prime opportunity for enhancing your autumn styling with lighting. Think warm-toned fixtures, strategically placed lamps, and cosy candles to set a relaxing mood for the season. The right lamp can work wonders, not just illuminating your space but also becoming a stylish part of your room's decor. And if you're not quite ready to commit to a new lamp, candles are your go-to. They effortlessly infuse warmth and a delightful glow into any area, whether it's a table, mantel, or decorative lantern. Candles bring that soothing autumn vibe to life and let you experiment with different lighting effects and moods. To add another layer to this sensory experience, why not opt for scented candles with woody and earthy fragrances? They'll transport you straight into the heart of autumn.

8. Autumn Aromas: Nailing the right scent

Creating a space that exudes comfort and relaxation goes beyond just what you see. Let's talk scent—it's a powerful tool for crafting an immersive autumn styling experience in your living space. As the air turns crisp and the scenery changes, you'll discover new earthy scents that are uniquely autumnal. To bring these aromas into your space, consider scented candles and essential oil diffusers. Infuse your home with the inviting fragrances of cedarwood, clove, vanilla, and more. Engaging your sense of smell adds a whole new layer of depth and authenticity to your fall home decor.

9. Table Setting: Autumn Hosting & Gatherings

Autumn is all about gathering around the table for scrumptious meals and cherished moments. So, let's dive into some autumn styling ideas to help you become the ultimate host of the season! First off, elevate your table game with textured table linens like woven placemats and embroidered napkins. These little touches add a cosy, welcoming vibe. Don't forget to sprinkle hints of gold with your utensils and napkin rings—it's the perfect complement to the autumn colour palette. Now, let's talk centerpieces. Go rustic with a delightful display of gourds and pumpkins, or bring a burst of colour with a bouquet of autumn flowers. Alternatively, create a captivating focal point with a stunning candle arrangement, surrounded by a sprinkle of foliage.

autumn table scape
Credits: Studio McGee
autumn table scape
Credits: Magnolia House
autumn table scape
Credits: Studio McGee

10. Wooden Accents: Rustic Elegance 

Embracing the natural beauty of wood brings a touch of rustic charm, reminiscent of cosy cabins and the picturesque British autumn countryside. Try placing wooden trays or bowls on your coffee tables, dining tables, or kitchen counters. These versatile pieces can cradle decorative items, seasonal fruits, or even set the stage for a charming candle display. In the kitchen, let wooden serving boards take center stage, perfect for showcasing your favourite charcuterie spreads or simply adding a decorative touch to your countertops. With these wooden accents, you'll effortlessly create a comforting atmosphere that perfectly aligns with the cosy vibes of autumn styling.

11. Gilded Accents 

For an elevated touch of autumn styling, consider inviting copper and brass accents into your space. These warm-toned metals blend beautifully with the autumn colour palette. You can easily infuse your space with copper and brass through decorative items, stylish light fixtures, and even the little things like drawer handles. For a subtle yet transformative change, give your kitchen or bathroom a touch of luxury by replacing knobs, handles, and faucets with gleaming copper or brass alternatives. These small details turn functional spaces into stunning design statements. So, whether it's a charming light fixture or a chic drawer handle, copper and brass accents are your ticket to adding a refined autumnal elegance to your space.

hung Cooper pots kitchen
Credits: Lone Fox

12. Rearrange Your Space

As the season shifts, think about giving your space a fresh twist that suits the changing vibes and activities of autumn. It's time to consider a little furniture rearranging. Create a new layout that's perfect for autumn styling and accommodates the needs of the season. Now, let's talk storage. The colder months call for extra layers, so why not add some smart solutions to your space? Think cabinets, baskets, shelving units, or stylish storage ottomans. They're perfect for tucking away those additional blankets, jackets, and coats, keeping your place neat and ready for autumn adventures.

ottoman in a living area
Credits: Studio McGee
styled shelves
Credits: James May Homes
basket with blanket
Credits: Studio McGee

13. Personal Touches

And finally, autumn styling is all about crafting a warm and welcoming space that's uniquely yours. And part of this magic is infusing your decor with personal touches that reflect your interests, memories, and life's adventures. So, let's dive in! Showcasing things like family photos, travel souvenirs, your own artwork, or cherished heirlooms that hold sentimental value  add a touch of warmth to your decor. You can even pick frames in specific shades or materials to weave these personal treasures seamlessly into your overall home aesthetic. Think about displaying your personal collections or hobbies, too. Whether it's your beloved vinyl records or a collection of favourite books, show them off proudly! Arrange your collections on shelves or mantels, keeping an eye on colour, size, and shape to create visually pleasing displays. And don't forget to jazz up these arrangements with some stylish bookends and decorative objects.

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