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The Subtle Art of Cushion Pairings



Five Simple Ways to Pair Your Cushions Like a Pro

cushion pairing

While things like furniture and lighting contribute to a room's overall design, it's the small details like throw pillows that truly elevate the space. These details have the ability to impact the entire room's character. When it comes to scatter cushions, the beauty lies in their versatility. They allow you to experiment, express your creativity, and adjust your space to your ever-changing preferences with minimal commitment. In this blog post, we’ve gathered five top tips to help you perfect your cushion pairings like a pro!

No.1 | Colour Cohesion

A well-planned colour scheme is important when creating the visual harmony in a space. Scatter cushion arrangements feel more cohesive and put together when they pick up on or enhance the existing color palette. Although cohesion is what you should strive for, don't be afraid to mix colors. If choosing different colors seems a little too daunting, try varying shades of the same color family, as this is a simpler approach to make your space feel more dynamic while maintaining a unified palette.

No.2 | Pattern Play

The key to cushion pairing is mixing different patterns alongside scale. Large-scale patterns draw attention and can serve as focal points, while medium and small-scale patterns add texture and complexity. When it comes to geometric, organic, and abstract patterns, each offers its own unique touch. Geometric patterns offer structure; floral or organic patterns introduce softness and a touch of nature; and abstract patterns bring in artistic uniqueness. Adding solid-colour cushions amid bold patterns is also an effective way to balance the overall look, creating visual pauses to prevent the arrangement from becoming too overwhelming. 

No.3 | Layering Textures

Incorporating a variety of textures through cushion pairings is the perfect way to add depth to your home decor! Textures such as linen and wool adds dimension, whilst more subtle, high quality linen cushions work well for introducing both solid colors and patterns into your space. Block prints printed on linen canvases, with their handcrafted and artistic feel also bring a unique and personal touch to your home decor. Similarly, wool introduces a level of cosiness and warmth. Layering different textures not only adds depth to your space, but also transforms your home decor through the added dimension of textures.

No.4 | Neutrals

Neutral shades, when it comes to cushion arrangements, are not only versatile, but timeless too! Their simplicity makes them easy to incorporate as a base or to balance bolder elements. Many also stick to a completely neutral palette, showing that neutrals alone can also create a stunning interior space as well! With a neutral palette, the focus shifts to textures and materials for a bright and airy feel. When working with a neutral color scheme for interiors, try different fabric textures, finishes, and materials for extra depth.

No.5 | Size & Symmetry

When it comes to sizing, we always start with larger cushions and work our way down!  Our go to method for sofa cushion pairings starts with a larger square pillow in the back, followed by a smaller square and lumbar in front. If we are pairing only two cushions on a sofa, 50x50cm and a lumbar size cushion works perfectly too! For armchairs, we recommend a single lumbar cushion. Whilst for bedroom styling, we recommend two 50x50cm cushions followed by a long lumbar cushion in front. 

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