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Deliciously Brown: A Guide to Colour Drenching Walls

Brown is an earthy colour that is found abundantly in nature. From beige, to mahogany to rich chocolates, it comes in a wide range of shades, giving you the flexibility to choose tones that suit your design goals. Lighter browns can create an airy and calming atmosphere, while darker browns are more dramatic, sophisticated, and romantic. Shades of brown can connect your interior space with the natural world, bringing a sense of tranquillity and balance. When incorporating colour into our space we often think of adding pops of colour through decor or accent walls. But today we want to introduce you to colour drenching, an interior design trend that uses a single colour paint to cover an entire room to create a seamless and immersive environment. 

In the realm of interior design, brown is a staple, a classic choice that never goes out of style. It has an incredibly diverse colour palette that evokes a wide range of moods and emotions. The various shades of browns have the ability to create a cosy, earthy ambiance, while golden-brown shades like camel evoke something a little more refined and luxurious in interior design.  As a natural shade, brown transcends trends, making it a great interior design choice that is highly adaptable. Brown is synonymous with stability, reliability, and security. Thus, brown interiors create a sense of calm, making it the perfect backdrop for unwinding and finding solace. But how do you maximise this colour?

Colour Drenching

Enter colour-drenching – a technique that involves covering an entire room with a single colour. Although it may sound like a big commitment, brown colour-drenching is a great way to experiment with one shade. The benefits of colour-drenching are abundant. One of its primary advantages lies in its ability to create illusions with space. By painting walls, mouldings, ceilings, baseboards, doors, and door frames with a single, light colour, your space can instantly feel much bigger. This effect is particularly noticeable in smaller rooms, where colour-drenching with lighter shades can heighten ceilings and increase space. Or, if you prefer a more intimate setting choosing darker shades like chocolate brown will envelop you in a moodier environment. It can also prevent you from creating harsh contrasts, a perfect solution for those looking for something more tranquil and put-together. And since you are working with just one colour, colour-drenching is a great opportunity for those who want to focus on light fixtures to change the ambience of their space!

We think brown is an excellent choice for anyone interested in branching into colour-drenching due to its versatile and timeless palette. It's natural hues make it a great solution for all designers who want to explore this interior design trend. If you’re looking for something lighter and more inviting try painting your walls in beige. Colour-drenching with lighter shades of brown will make your space feel more bright, airy, and rustic. 

Brown also pairs very well with the principles of warm minimalism, an interior design trend that emphasises simplicity and functionality through the use of earthy tones like light brown and natural materials such as wood. 

But if you prefer a more classic interior style try colour-drenching in a shade like taupe.  

Umber and other darker shades of brown will give you a moodier feel while still preserving an air of earthy opulence. Given that dark colours and textures have a relaxing influence, dark brown walls are ideal for a home office. As dark colours are known to absorb light and provide a pleasant break from the bright screen lights that are always overwhelming us. 

Darker shades are also a great option for anyone looking to make their space feel more intimate through its cocooning effect.

But like any other interior design trends, don’t be afraid to add your own interpretation! Colour-drenching is not limited to a single interior design style, and there are so many ways you can explore colour-drenching. Wallpaper is a great way to do this, especially for lovers of patterns! And if you want to play around with texture, wood panelling is also a great option that works beautifully with brown. You can also look for curtains to match your chosen interior shade while also playing with different fabrics, the possibilities are endless!

As always, our goal is to introduce a wide range of interior trends to help you with ways to make you feel more at home in your space. We think brown is a perfect place to start, as its rich and classic hues serves as a great base for creativity. Ultimately, we hope that by delving deeper into this shade, we made colour-drenched walls a little less daunting! 


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